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Industry Leading Foot Specialists

Based in Central London, The London Foot Clinic offers specialist foot treatments for patients seeking tailor made solutions to their needs.

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Welcome To the London Foot Clinic

We are the original London Foot Clinic established in 1989. London Foot Clinic provides comprehensive care with a full range of podiatric services. However, our speciality is podiatric surgery and biomechanical management of functional orthopaedic disorders.


Our practice philosophy focuses on providing the most up-to-date and highest quality treatments. Our approach, however, is to emphasise conservative care whenever possible. In prescribing treatment, we make every effort to offer the patient alternatives and necessary information, so that a proper informed choice of treatment can be mutually agreed upon.

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Reviews and Testimonials


Patient Seen for- Podiatric Surgery

Bunion (Hallux Valgus) Correction

Patient comment- Very friendly and professional felt he had my interests at heart

Patient Seen for- Partial nail removal

Patient comment- Very good experience

Patient Seen for- Foot pain

Patient comment- Mr Patel is very caring and is clearly extremely thorough and very much focuses on understanding the root cause of the problem. He was able to diagnose my plantar fasciitis and prescribe the appropriate treatment to relive the symptoms. I would strongly recommend Mr Patel.

Bare Feet

Treatments performed by an industry leading foot specialist.
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